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In 1958, Woodlawn Oil Company, formerly known as Woodlawn Oil and Coal Company, joined the oil industry as a side business of Ewing Lumber Co. of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. The business operated as a Gulf Oil Distributor until the 1980s when Gulf went out of business, leaving the company as an independent distributor of heating oil products.
Pumping Fuels, Woodlawn Oil Co. in Aliquippa, PA
Woodlawn Oil and Coal Company inherited a new name, Woodlawn Oil Company, in 1965 when it was purchased by a father and his son, George D. Gourley and James “”Jim”” D. Gourley, respectively.

Just a year later, in 1966, Donald “”Don”” Gourley, also a son of George D. Gourley, joined the company as a service technician. At the same time, George D. Gourley retired and a partnership formed between the two brothers, Don and Jim Gourley. The partnership lasted until Jim retired in 1996 leaving the business operation solely in the hands of Don Gourley.

Three years later, in 1999, George E. Gourley, son of Don Gourley, became a partner with his father with the primary goal of increasing growth of the propane business; that partnership still exists today. For 3 generations Woodlawn Oil has practiced the philosophy that, when conducting business with us, customers should be treated honestly and respectfully.

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